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Sales Excellence: How to Close Anything and Everything in Any Vertical

Posted by Fred at 2:40 PM on Feb 6, 2017


Originally posted to Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force blog

I was listening to CNN on Satellite Radio and in between rants about the immigration ban, protests, the federal judge who issued a stay, and Trump's first week's worth of executive orders, an advertisement came on promoting "How to Close Anything and Everything", no matter what you sell and who you sell it to. And to make their offer even more enticing - it's being offered for free! Did you hear it?

It wasn't a promotion for my company... Closing is awfully important. Nothing happens until the business gets closed. But most people don't know the real truth about closing.

I am going to share the real truth about closing and it's quite different from what you've read, what you've listened to, what you've watched, and probably from what you've practiced. Countless books, tapes, videos and podcasts have been devoted to closing techniques. Thousands of companies deliver seminars and training programs to help salespeople develop their closing skills.

They're all wrong and they have all wasted your time. I have written 1,600 articles and not once have I shared the closing secret that I am about to share in this article.