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Another Powerful Reason Why Salespeople Struggle to Become Great Sales Managers

Posted by Fred at 2:40 PM on Feb 6, 2017


Originally posted to Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force blog

Ryan changed jobs and companies this week when he started in his new role as Business Development Manager. When I congratulated him on his new job he wrote back the following: "You were 110% on the money back when I became a first time sales manager.

You told Stuart and me that my biggest challenge would be in not being able to understand why the hell sales reps working for me just didn't do what I did when I was selling, and what I asked them to do, since I always did what was asked of me when I was a field rep for Stu. Totally on the money, that drove me crazy every day." We talk a lot about the mistake so many companies make when they take their best salespeople and make them sales managers.

While it's not always a mistake, the most commonly discussed reasons include:

  1. Inability to replace that salesperson's significant revenue
  2. Lack of sales management skills
  3. Lack of recruiting skills
  4. Lack of coaching skills
  5. Lack of skills around accountability
  6. The new sales manager might not be able to get salespeople to sell the same way
  7. Things that made this person successful as a salesperson might not be duplicatable
  8. Resistance to move away from selling and reluctance to allow salespeople to make their own mistakes

In addition to those 8 reasons, Ryan's note highlights the single most frustrating chain of events to impact new sales managers.

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