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21,000 People Agree That These are the Top 5 Traits of the Best Salespeople

Posted by Fred at 2:40 PM on Feb 22, 2017


Originally posted to Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force blog

Readers are always referring me to articles that list top sales traits, that discuss what makes salespeople great, that name the most important selling skills, or that otherwise contradict the science-based findings and statistics that I share in my articles.

In that regard, today was very much the same when a reader referred me to this LinkedIn article that revealed the Top 5 Traits of the Best Salespeople. As a matter of fact, I actually found the article refreshing. First, the 5 traits were admittedly based on observation. Second, the author asked readers to submit their own top 5. And third, his five weren't that far off the track from what the science says. Nice job Bill Golder!