What's The Best Way to Predict "On-the-Job" Performance?

Back in 1988 I thought I knew the answer. Like many other executives, I thought that personality would be a good predictor of performance. Many people still do think it's the best predictor. But after a few years of working with clients and personality profiles, I learned that, although somewhat better than making a decision by rolling dice, "out-of-the-box" personality profiles weren't that much better.

So I decided to hire a team of psychologists to find out what does predict performance. What they found was that, although personality could help you employees that fit into your team, the best predictors of performance are attitudes, job-specific behaviors and job-specific judgement.

7-steps.jpgThis "The 7-Steps to Accurate Performance Predictions" graphic shows the generally accepted ratings of different selection methods.

When the University of Waterloo's Waterloo Organizational Research and Consulting (WORC) Group (recognized worldwide for their research in organizational excellence) scientifically validated our FranchiZe Profile using rigourous, state-of-the-art scientific principles, they found that by measuring these job-specific beliefs, attitudes and the person's judgment, it predicted who would perform in the top 25% over 93% of the time.

In addition, they found that for every 1 point increase in a franchisee's score on one dimension corresponded to an estimated increase of over $19,500 in outlet sales. Another recent study found that there was a $15,675 increase in annual sales for every single point increase on another dimension!

Once I saw results like that, I thought: "Now that we know how effective our methods are at predicting performance of franchisees, why not develop job-specific perfomance predicting tools to help other businesses hire top performing employees?"

Each of our performance predicting tools listed below were developed specifically for the job in question. They each measure the job-specific behaviors, situational judgement, beliefs and personality factors that best predict performance for the job in question.

Performance Predictors

The FranchiZe Profile - Your Franchisee Selection Secret Weapon

Top-secret.jpgSome of the biggest challenges you face when selling a franchise for your retail chain are:
  1. Will you be able to maximize the royalties for that location?
  2. How can you reduce the cost of franchisee sales?
  3. How can you reduce your support costs?

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Increase Your Profits With the QSR Performance Assesssor

Happy QSR serverThe quick and easy way to boost your Quick Serve Restaurant's profits is with the QSR Performance Assessor™.

It's an independently validated, user-friendly tool that predicts which new hire will perform in the top 25% of your QSR employees with 90+% accuracy.

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The Wellness Sales Assessor - Putting Your Best Face Forward

Welcoming face to your spaIt's a real challenge out in the world of business - how to keep new clients coming in the door and keep existing clients coming back. None feel it more keenly than the spa industry.

Spas are always changing and adapting for the times. Don't just to put together another package or discount or special. Instead, now is the time to put your best face forward....

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Hiring Compassionate Caregivers

blonde-caregiver-with-woman.jpgAll great home care companies have a number of qualities in common that take them from being a good company to a company at the pinnacle of their profession. They are well known in their industry and have a great reputation for care, compassion and service.

So, how do the top home care companies reach the top and stay there?

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Other Selection Tools Coming Soon!

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