Looking to Predict Franchisee Performance with 90+% Accuracy?

At Dynamic Performance Systems, we have what it takes to bring top performers into your business. Our selection tools are different from the rest and here's why!

As you know, every job has it's own unique set of job-specific behaviors and judgmental needs. It's a proven fact that situational judgment is a critical part of how candidates will perform... and that's why the FBI uses Situational Judgement exercises when hiring prospective employees. Properly developed situational judgment questions predict on-the-job behavioral tendencies.

And that's what we do... predict performance by measuring job-specific behaviors and situational judgment for each job description. Our accuracy levels (typically 90+%) have been verified by a world renowned, independent, third-party research and consulting group.

It's because of these high accuracy levels that hundreds of companies have been using our performance assessment tools to hire top performers. They've realized the higher profits of on-boarding the right people for the position. That's why some companies have been using our services continuously since 1989.

Bring high performing people into your organization and you'll find your:

  • Unit sales will increase,
  • Your managers will make better hiring decisions faster, and
  • Your human turnover will reduce, saving you thousands of dollars per hire.


Grow Your Return On Investment Starting Today!

Make a positive step towards selecting the best people.

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7 Reasons Why Our Performance Assessors Are Right For You:

  1. Proven high accuracy rates verified by world-renowned, independent third-party research firm.
  2. Job-Specific Questions and Reports. The Supreme Court ruled in “Lewis v. Chicago” (2010) that employment practices that cause “a disparate impact are forbidden" unless the employer can show that the selection practice is job-related and “consistent with business necessity”.
  3. Low cost of implementing. No monthly/yearly fees, No setup fees, No contracts to sign - we prefer to earn your business every day.
  4. Easy to implement - web-based so no software to install.
  5. No limit to number of users.
  6. Unlimited, 24/7 support at no charge.
  7. Multiple scoring options. Candidates can complete the questionnaire on-line or using a pen & paper questionnaire.

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Don't Be Fooled By Imitators!

Some profiles on the market deny that they are "personality" profiles. At the same time, they don't say what they are. Ask anyone claiming that they're not a "personality" profile for a copy of their questions. If you don't see job-specific questions, then they're a "personality" profile!

"Out-of-the-box” personality profiles use questions and dimensions to measure characteristics common to people in the general population, not to the position.